National Inventory in Pictures: 12 Graphs from Canada’s latest GHG data

Can US 1990  CAN US 2005 All Sector line 1990 2013 All Sector line w OS breakout 1990 2013 Prov GHG abs line 1990 2013 Prov GHG line rel 2005 Provs top 5 per cap line 1990 2013 Prov Top 5 intensity abs 1990 Prov Top 5 intensity rel 1990 Per cap Road Trans 1990 2013 Per cap Road Trans 2005 index Crude bitumen intensity 2000 2013


9 thoughts on “National Inventory in Pictures: 12 Graphs from Canada’s latest GHG data”

    1. Hi Christopher,

      You’re right – I got a little carried away with the “no text” concept.

      GHG data is from Environment Canada’s 2015 National Inventory Report (available here:

      Provincial population and GDP data are from StatsCan, CANSIM tables 051-0001 and 384-0038, respectively.

      Crude bitumen production data are from AER’s ST-98:

  1. I notice the data in the 2015 National Inventory Report excludes 2006, 2007, and 2008. Do you know where I can find a full data set? I have looked at previous years’ NIRs but the data seems to get updated each year. I am looking for the 2015 data set without the missing years. Thanks PJ. Great work on this blog!!

    1. Thanks Jon. You can get a full dataset for the National and Provincial tables in excel by request from Environment Canada (take care to ‘unhide’ the columns for those missing years). They also usually make the excel files available on The sector tables, on the other hand, only show the years in the report.

      1. Yes, but I’d be cautious about this as this year’s report did more substantial recalculations than usual (updated GWPs, etc). Not fully comparable to past estimates.

      2. one important change in this year’s NIR is of course the introduction of Harvested Wood Products into the entire 1990-2013 time series as a source category – HWPs are now the third largest source category in Canada!

  2. Yes, the numbers change quite a bit through recalculations from year to year. That is why I was asking about the full 2015 data set. I have asked Environment Canada as you suggested. Thanks all! If someone has another way, please post here.

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